Notes to a younger self

  1. Practice letting go. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  2. When it gets hard, take a moment. Use understanding as your default mode not anger.
  3. You were happy when you were 3. Why was that? Ask more questions!
  4. No conclusion or accusation is ever correct. Even if you think you know the facts. You don’t.
  5. Really and truly try not to worry about what others think. See point 3.
  6. Your parents are human. There’s no rule that says you have to agree with their choices or own their mistakes.
  7. Work out what makes you tick and how that is influenced by others and how it affects the people you care about.
  8. Be good and true and give up every part of yourself to the one you love.
  9. Work hard at what you love doing and be persistent. Don’t give up. Consistency trumps intensity.
  10. Practice this stuff because sure as shit some day you want to be a great dad to two amazing little girls.


365 days and 58 notebooks later…

Lettering one quote per day. So many insights from famous folks. So many insights on lettering. So many tests of my patience and persistence.

While lettering these were the things that became obvious, though not always adhered to…

  • be in a good frame of mind
  • relax your hand, arm, and body
  • pause after every letter, word, and line
  • use the right writing instrument
  • letter only what you care about.

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men only



this afternoon


januarysecond – one sketch per day for 365 days


Not being a superstitious person I am not overly concerned with lucky (or unlucky) numbers, however I do not like odd numbers (I do not like them Sam I Am) and 2013 is definitely odd.

This year is massive: we have a baby girl due in March; I’m working on an awesome game-changing project at ansarada; and I have some major gradings for kung fu. Amongst thoughts of all this massive awesomeness, and talk of New Year resolutions on Facebook, I wanted a personal project to challenge and improve myself and turn around the oddness of an odd year.

Always admiring the tenacious persistence of 365 day projects I decided upon one sketch a day for 365 days: the project would make me draw each day and thus improve my skills; sketches meant I could sacrifice some quality when time was poor; with little time and a daily requirement, creativity and imagination become the key to each sketch.

My first month is complete with 31 drawings providing early proof that I can stick with it for the remaining 334 days. The project theme is fictional portraits and I’ll change something key each month: January I used ball-point pens and for February felt-tip markers (and maybe March will be full of baby portraits).

But wait there’s (always) more! I’ll transform the favourite or best drawing from each month into a finished illustration and upload to RedBubble as a styling new t-shirt design. So, if you want to see a particular sketch on a t-shirt simply comment or favourite the page for that drawing.

EDIT: Silly me hosted this project on Posterous. I’ve now moved it to Flickr – where I should have hosted the project from the beginning. We live and learn.


Rose is going to be a big sister


We passed the first milestone today and are very excited to be expecting a baby brother or sister for Rose. At present Rose favours a brother though she has switched camps a couple of times.

It’s been a crazy ride of late – within a week I landed a new job, we bought a house and found out Karolina was pregnant. Things surely do happen in threes.