januarysecond – one sketch per day for 365 days


Not being a superstitious person I am not overly concerned with lucky (or unlucky) numbers, however I do not like odd numbers (I do not like them Sam I Am) and 2013 is definitely odd.

This year is massive: we have a baby girl due in March; I’m working on an awesome game-changing project at ansarada; and I have some major gradings for kung fu. Amongst thoughts of all this massive awesomeness, and talk of New Year resolutions on Facebook, I wanted a personal project to challenge and improve myself and turn around the oddness of an odd year.

Always admiring the tenacious persistence of 365 day projects I decided upon one sketch a day for 365 days: the project would make me draw each day and thus improve my skills; sketches meant I could sacrifice some quality when time was poor; with little time and a daily requirement, creativity and imagination become the key to each sketch.

My first month is complete with 31 drawings providing early proof that I can stick with it for the remaining 334 days. The project theme is fictional portraits and I’ll change something key each month: January I used ball-point pens and for February felt-tip markers (and maybe March will be full of baby portraits).


But wait there’s (always) more! I’ll transform the favourite or best drawing from each month into a finished illustration and upload to RedBubble as a styling new t-shirt design. So, if you want to see a particular sketch on a t-shirt simply comment or favourite the page for that drawing.

EDIT: Silly me hosted this project on Posterous. I’ve now moved it to Flickr – where I should have hosted the project from the beginning. We live and learn.


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