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fake Rose Kowalczyk

It was a warm feeling to discover a Rose Kowalczyk original created during her child care period. Sadly, upon further investigation the warm feeling faded as I uncovered the truth regarding her child care period artwork.

This particular Rose Kowalczyk was a fake! From the open and dynamic rendering of line to the intentioned segregation of colour; with careful introspection and the subtlety of a well swung sledgehammer, the fabrication of this piece dawned upon me.

The fake Rose Kowalczyk:


Being fortunate in witnessing the artist at work it was with deep embarrassment that I recognised my original misconception. Rose Kowalczyk is well known for her unrestrained pointillist abstractions, dynamically interweaved with bold lines and complex play between colour and space. Rose Kowalczyk creates truly iconic pieces that are simultaneously ironic and full of humour; they are true reflections of the modern day existence of people from all ages.

An original Rose Kowalczyk:


While investigations continue into recent Fathers Day period artworks, for Rose Kowalczyk and her family, life goes on.

Continuing her life’s work, Rose Kowalczyk recently shifted medium from colour pencil and crayon to milk. We all eagerly await the genesis of each new creation.


welcome to the world


My name is Jason Taylor. I’m a user interface designer born and raised in Sydney Australia. During the day I work for Atlassian, a software engineering company producing tools for development and collaboration. During the night (and over the weekends) I create music, illustration and an occasional Fimo sculpture.

Blogging is an integral part of the Atlassian workplace culture and after a year of service I too thought it would be interesting to impart to the general public my opinions, thoughts and most importantly, updates to my personal site – www.although.net.au.

Content on this blog will revolve around: my personal experiences in user interface design; commentary on my personal site; design work that may not make it to my personal site; and potentially, our two cats Jay and Scooter.

Despite being my first personal blog post, I am no stranger to the practice…in fact, here’s a couple of posts that made it to the Atlassian Developer Blog.

Welcome again! Hope to see you again soonish!