it’s been awesome


First things first – I’ve resigned as UX Team Lead for Boomworks. It’s been (truly) awesome.

By the time I walk out the door it will be exactly a year and a half – fifty percent of that time spent as a Senior Visual Designer.  I can’t thank the team enough for taking me on and also taking a chance on letting me run the user experience team. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and I’m moving on to new challenges.

This was one of my most difficult resignations – usually I am full of glee – and my heart was very heavy when I delivered the news. Being who I am I’ll always attempt to lighten the mood however dark the situation. To this end I created a special letterhead for my resignation letter and I’m sharing it with you all to use if needed.

To use the letterhead: open the PDF and print (on nice paper); write your resignation letter (in a nice typeface); pop your letterhead into the manual feed; and print.



Dusted off my tablet over the weekend and spent some time delving back into some calligraphy practice. I’ve always loved calligraphy in all its forms – a passion sparked by my design teacher way back when I was young and impressionable. Using a tablet is an interesting dynamic as it lacks the friction of a brush or pen so the letter forms are dynamic and border on the erratic.

With my interest reignited I’m going to keep playing and will be buying some fresh brushes and ink today. Here’s some of my favourite examples…