I call him/her bluey


We’ve a healthy population of Australian wildlife in St Peters. Considering our proximity to the city we have plenty of rainbow lorikeets, cockatoos, native minors and flying foxes.

Our population of skinks has also exploded recently, however, the last animal we expected to find in our courtyard was this blue tongue lizard! Last time I’d been this close to a blue tongue was around 20 years ago – growing up in the western suburbs of Sydney.

Needless to say he/she was a feisty one, hissing at our cat as we walked past the backdoor. We put him/her in the backyard and he/she headed straight for the one and only exit point. We’re guessing that’s the way he/she entered the yard – getting stuck in the courtyard due to a large step.

Good luck Bluey hope to see you again someday.