my long weekend


Many people asked me what my plans were or what I did over the recent Easter long weekend and my response was low-key and non-descript. Unlike my girlfriend Karolina, I’m not one to openly announce personal news to every person I encounter: it’s far easier to write news on my blog and post some pretty pictures.

My long weekend consisted of painting and wall-papering our spare room in bright sunny yellows, sky blues (complete with fluffy white clouds) and vibrant candy coloured wallpaper. Normally, I’d make Karolina do all this hard work but as she is four months pregnant…it wasn’t advisable.

Being our first child and my first attempt at interior decoration, life is rapidly changing in our little household.


2 thoughts on “my long weekend

  1. Dushan Hanuska says:

    Oh wow, dude! Congratulations! It’s a wonderful news! I like the room improvements as well. Keeps us posted, ’cause soon you’ll see that life if one big never-ending merry-go-round.

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