to flickr (or not)

It’s taken some time, however, I now have a bunch of photos (photography) up on Flickr. I’ve always resisted doing this as I’m not really sure why anyone would wish to wade through reams of abstract images. I like shooting textures, architecture and the sky.

After a berating (not really) from a fresh design team member, Lachlan Hardy – who while new to photography, is a passionate photographer and has over 1000 photos on Flickr. In comparison, I have just over 300 – on Flickr – with the majority of my photos being shot on film and sitting in photo boxes. It’s probably where they’ll stay – I freak out enough at the thought of scanning in all my artwork!

My photography experience is traditional and includes developing and printing my own photos. I’ve been taking photos for well over 15 years with a minimum of commercial experience. Unfortunately I haven’t taken any images in a while due to broken equipment.


3 thoughts on “to flickr (or not)

  1. Pawel Niewiadomski says:

    Well, I’m also a photographer and an Atlassian employee, so welcome in the club ;-)<br/><br/>+1 to flickr.<br/><br/>But I’m curious about your worries. Do you worry about getting feedback, or getting attention from other people? If yes, I mean if you want to be the most popular photographer on flickr you should definitively change topic – say shot some babes, crazy stuff, or both at the same time ;-)))<br/><br/>But I think that any kind of photography can attract some people. Your photos are nice, interesting. Not the "flickr style" but does it matter? :-)<br/><br/>Also don’t worry you don’t have thousands of photos. The less is better. Do you think someone will want to browse through thousands of photos? :-)<br/><br/>From my perspective I’d say keep the blog running. Share your photography secrets. Post photos on your blog. Tell about stories behind them. Tell about technical stuff behind them. I’d be interested in that!<br/><br/>I added this blog to my feed 🙂

  2. although says:

    Howdy and welcome Pawel!<br/><br/>No real concern…I take a lot of abstract imagery that’s interesting for my own purposes…I also know I have little time free to browse people’s photos and being a good user-centred designer, I always try to consider the end audiences!<br/><br/>Thanks for the feedback – I will definitely flesh out my drivers and goals in photography, design, music and illustration.<br/><br/>I am damn glad I don’t conform to a Flickr style! :)<br/><br/>Regards JT

  3. lachstock says:

    Welcome. Soon your conversion to the Dark Side of the Web will complete…<br/><br/>Seriously, man, it’s great to see some pics up. If only I had time to go heckle (and – from a brief scan – admire!)<br/><br/>I’ll definitely be hitting you up when I get back 🙂

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