welcome to the world


My name is Jason Taylor. I’m a user interface designer born and raised in Sydney Australia. During the day I work for Atlassian, a software engineering company producing tools for development and collaboration. During the night (and over the weekends) I create music, illustration and an occasional Fimo sculpture.

Blogging is an integral part of the Atlassian workplace culture and after a year of service I too thought it would be interesting to impart to the general public my opinions, thoughts and most importantly, updates to my personal site – www.although.net.au.

Content on this blog will revolve around: my personal experiences in user interface design; commentary on my personal site; design work that may not make it to my personal site; and potentially, our two cats Jay and Scooter.

Despite being my first personal blog post, I am no stranger to the practice…in fact, here’s a couple of posts that made it to the Atlassian Developer Blog.

Welcome again! Hope to see you again soonish!


3 thoughts on “welcome to the world

  1. ffeathers says:

    Hallo Jason,<br/>Awesome site. ‘Karolina’ is lovely. I’ve subscribed and am looking forward to your next post already. No pressure ;)<br/>Seeya, Sarah

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